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I promise August 24, 2008

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More post to come soon. Someone’s gotta help the environment.


One Step Closer to Heaven October 2, 2007

The news, finally reporting on things news-worthy, just released a press that Governor Charlie Christ has launched a plan to build a solar power plant in – guess where? – Florida!

I am so ecstatic! Even though the company that is building the power plant (Florida Power & Light), it is a start!

Glad to see this blog is making a difference, lol!

Stay Green Orlando


I hope I never have to do the “anti” Rain Dance. September 13, 2007

Hello there, my fellow Internet-ians. Today we talk about drying your clothes, more specifically hanging your clothes on “the line”. This is something new that I have tackled these last few weeks… and I love it. Besides praying to Grothar that the weather stays bright and beautiful, it is one of the easiest things to do.

So, how to get started. All you need are two stable structures, preferably something that can stand to hold a bit of weight, some rope (there is rope made especially for clothes hanging. You can find it at Home Depot), and line pins. Wash your clothes with your non-toxic laundry detergent and non-toxic fabric softener, remove from washing machine and hang.

Couple of things to consider:

The part about having two sturdy structures is very important. I would hate to get a comment about a  fallen fence in the name of the environment.

Be sure the rope you buy can deal with the weight of your clothes.

Make sure that the first line you hang is the most clothes you could go without washing at one time. That way you know about how much space and rope you need.

Make sure you know the weather patterns for the days around when you are planning on drying your clothes. The last thing you want to do is pick clothes off the line that have the “after the rain” smell and feel.

Try thinking about how much you are helping the environment (and your wallet) when your shoulders began to burn.

Stay Green Orlando


Answers, Answers, Answers September 11, 2007

Wow! Let me tell you, I love answers. I get such a feeling of completeness every time someone answers a puzzling question of mine..

And that is what I got today from a company called Green-E. At 11:43 A.M. (told you I would wait until after 11 A.M.) I called Green-E’s customer service line and, after one ring, was greeted by a very friendly gentleman (Larse?). I informed him about the blog and how I was interested in getting information on Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), and, man, did I get what I asked for. From my one question I got so much information about Renewable Energy Credits. For one, Green-E is a kind of “stamp of approval” company. Green-E gives their seal of approval to companies that abide by standards that they have set, one being providing RECs to consmers where they request it be used, among many other things.

So what have I learned about RECs? Well, for one, they do not provide you with electricity( I was sad too). RECs are purchased by consumers separate their electricity bills in what are called “blocks”. These “blocks” are used mainly to help companies who are providing alternative energy offset high end cost. Other primary uses are to establish alternative energy sources in new places (maybe closer to you).

Now, before you write this off as just another way to Carbon Neutrality, think about this: you purchasing RECs could potentially bring RECs to your area. When you purchase RECs most companies will allow you to decide where you would like to that “Block” to be used. So, buy purchasing these RECs you are sowing a seed that will soon benefit everyone.

This product is great, in that it let’s you purchase your future.

Try it. I’m going to see how much one would cost for my house.

Stay Green Orlando.


Renewable Energy Certifictes = confusing. ¿Porque Maria?

Today’s blog was aimed at informing you, in the simplest way possible, about Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) in all it’s splendor; where it began, about how much it cost, and how you, along with me, could purchase this amazing product.

So, the search began. I went to Google, searched for “Renewable Energy Certificate”, and millions of websites popped up. I was excited and relieved, (I remember a big sigh of relief being blown from my mouth). I went to the first site and began reading. Lots of information; nice pictures. But after navigating from the web page, I found that I left with the same amount of information that I had known before going to the site. The information was there but it was hard to understand. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a very literate person and my grasp of understanding is just as good as yours, but after reading that site, I felt a little… malnourished. I went to different sites and, site after site, the same thing.

So, to provide us with the information needed, in its most simplest terms, I am going to call a company tomorrow and have them spell it out. Plain and simple. My main question is, when purchasing RECs, am I purchasing electricity from the company? Most sites gave me the impression that what I was actually purchasing was a donation to that company, helping them keep their current rate for providing alternative energy to their customers that are able to receive alternative energy low, therefore, for me, the consumer, helping me achieve carbon neutrality. For people, like me, who do not have alternative energy options, this is a great option and it makes me feel as though I am helping out the environment that much more (though I would love to get my bill every month, knowing that I am not using electricity from one of the most earth-killing monsters EVER!).

So, until tomorrow. Set your alarms to check the blog around 3 P.M. EST (I get up pretty early, but, you know what they say, “Never call a home or business before 11 a.m.”).

Stay Green Orlando.

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Tell Me What You Think! September 9, 2007

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Here’s a great article that takes a different look at those who plant trees as carbon offset and it not so immediate contribution to the environment.

Read it, come back, and tell me what you think!


Stay Green Orlando


Wal-Mart: Hurting the environment and its employees September 7, 2007

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It’s a sad day for me. Casually strolling through the Internet, via Stumbleupon, I came across an article titled, “23 Organizations Issue Joint Report Critiquing Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Initiatives”. Immediately, I wanted to cry. For one, I as a college student and as someone who is up at wee hours of the morning, I love Wal-Mart. It is cheap and open twenty-four hours, two very good selling points. I knew, before reading the article, strictly based on principle, I was going to have to stop shopping at Wal-Mart all together. The article details a recent study conducted by a organization named The Big Box Collaborative that looked into Wal-Mart’s recent initiative to decrease the amount of Green House Gases (GHGs) it releases. The organization, made up of various farmers, shareholders, public health groups, along with many other occupations, found that, “even if Wal-Mart achieved all of its stated goals, the company’s business model is inherently unsustainable.”. The article is way too well written and too full of startling information for me to summarize, but here are a few quotes to persuade you to click on the link and become informed.

According to report contributor Corporate Ethics International, two-thirds of Wal-Mart’s PAC campaign contributions in the last election went to candidates who earned failing grades from the League of Conservation Voters. “Wal-Mart claims to be a leader in the battle against global warming, yet it’s one of the largest contributors to politicians with the worst records on global warming.

Wal-Mart has used its market power to cut costs at the expense of workers and the environment across the developing world.

Ultimately, the report asks: “Can a company claim to be “sustainable” when it drives down wages, refuses wages to some 20,000 minors working in its Mexican stores, pays unsustainably low prices to its suppliers (leading to sweatshop conditions), drives local stores and markets out of business, and disregards the wishes of the communities where it establishes its stores?

With that being said, on Saturday, November 17th, the Big Box Collaboration is having an International Day of Action against corporate injustice, specifically aimed at Wal-Mart. What exactly is to take place is unknown myself, but I have volunteered myself as the Orlando sponsor for this event. I think it will be a great way to inform the people of Orlando of the injustice that makes Wal-Mart so appealing to anyone looking for a bargain. Makes sure you read “About International Day of Action” to get a full understanding of what and, more importantly, what’s not trying to be accomplished.

Also, check out It’s a great website that gives great information about the sick things Wal-Mart lets pass as “business” in America and overseas.

Show your support of the environment.

Stay green Orlando.